AIM Amberger Industriemontagen

Amberger Industriemontagen GmbH & Co. KG offers everything other than the customary range of services. We are a competent service company which has made a name for itself in recent years and most of all in the service area of fittings. However, we also consider that we are strong in the fields of pipeline construction and materials-handling technology. Our employees are working in power stations, nuclear power stations, refineries and refuse-incinerating plants for a huge number of well-known companies not only in Germany but also internationally. Our flexibility, proximity to the customer and performance have made the AIM Group a company that is orientated to the future and growth. Our firm’s philosophy is based on allowing our employees and customers to grow together. At the same time, we face the new challenges that arise from the growth of renewable energies.

AIM Power Service

AIM Power Service GmbH is a company that is certified according to the ISO, which makes it a highly reliable partner for providing qualitatively high-grade services that are orientated to the customer, especially in conventional power stations and nuclear power stations as well as in refineries, chemical plants and other industrial plants. While doing so, we are not only active in Germany but also internationally and most of all in the engineering areas of fittings, pumps and turbines, as well as in the fields of pipeline construction and materials-handling technology.

AIM Service Italia

AIM Service Italia is the brainchild of a group of professionals working within the segment „Service“ maintenance specialist of all industrial plants, in chemical, petrochemical, refining, production of electricity, to name just a few examples . The many experiences and knowledge gained inside production, coupled with the profound change in the market, prompted us to develop an high-specialized Multiservice project. The objective is to combine professionalism important in matters transverse, combining methodologies of work, technical skills and operational flexibility. The use of portable equipment dedicated last generation, careful planning of activities and synergy with a wide network of leading suppliers, to allow our structure to operate in any work environment in full compliance with the most stringent regulations regarding security and reliability. We believe in man and its centrality in decision-making. We are always looking for people who share the same ideas and have a vision of the future of the company to reflect fully the reasons that led us to believe in this idea.