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Christmas greetings

The year 2018 is drawing to a close and eventful and challenging tasks have challenged us again this year. Thanks to our employees and our partnership with our customers and suppliers, we have been able to develop further.

Also in the New Year we are again facing great challenges. Thanks to an above-average order situation throughout Europe and the good cooperation with AIM Service Italia, we are setting ourselves new goals in 2019!

We wish all employees with family, customers, partners and suppliers a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and good health for 2019!!

AIM Group


AIM Group

Certification 2018

We were again thoroughly tested in 2018.

On 03.09. we had an auditor of the PÜG (testing and monitoring company) on site and he has thrown his eye on us. After a long audit day and a lot of rolled folders, we have successfully passed the certification this year.

Thanks to all who helped.


AIM Group


AIM Group

Season opening 2018

This year’s season opening celebration took place on 21.02.2018 in the Gasthof Zum Wulfen.

During the turbulent morning in the offices of the Amberger Industriemontagen in Amberg, the fitters took the occupational health examinations at the BAD Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH Amberg and at Dr. med. Dommke in Hersbruck true and subjected themselves in the afternoon of the annual safety briefing, conducted by Mr. Terletskyy the A.U.S. Environmental consulting company Martin Zeiml mbH.

At 6:00 pm we met in the seminar room of the Gasthof Zum Wulfen, where our CEO Mr. Maurice Wiesgickl made a speech. He thanked for the successful past season, showed room for improvement and gave a small outlook on the tasks in 2018.

A big „thank you“ in the form of a gift basket and a certificate was given for five of the employees who can celebrate their 10-year tenure.

After a delicious buffet with starters and desserts we ended the evening with great talks.

At this point we would like to thank all our employees for the always good cooperation as well as the loyalty for many years. We wish everyone a successful and, above all, accident-free season for 2018.


AIM Group

Christmas greetings

The year 2017 is drawing to a close and eventful and challenging tasks have challenged us again this year. Thanks to our employees and our partnership with our customers and suppliers, we have been able to develop further.

Also in the New Year we are again facing great challenges. Thanks to an above-average order situation throughout Europe and the good cooperation with AIM Service Italia, we are setting ourselves new goals in 2018!

We wish all employees with family, customers, partners and suppliers a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and good health for 2018!!

AIM Group




AIM Group

Long-term employment finished!

For more than 10 weeks, three experienced AIM fitters were able to welcome a long-standing customerSupport revision work at BASF in DeMeern (Netherlands).
Among other things, pipelines and flue gas systems were overhauled. The associated compressors, flaps and seals could also be cleaned, re-exchanged and replaced.
These tasks were handled so well by the AIM team that we already have moreCustomer requests may be pleased.

Thank you very much for the good cooperation!



AIM Group

Two new faces in AIM´s team

Since May 2017 Mrs. Dominique Rivera and Mrs. Barbara Konz have been supporting the AIM team in Amberg.

During a previous advanced training course in the field of accounting, Mrs. Rivera and Mrs. Konz were already
acquainted with each other.

Mrs. Rivera is responsible for the staff records as well as the hour accounts of our employees. After a
successful training, Mr. Spanl will go hand in hand with her and take over parts of the accounting department.

Mrs. Konz takes care of the issues surrounding our projects, as well as the maintenance of the homepage and
Facebook page. She is actively supporting Mrs. Reiser and Mrs. Misch.

The two new colleagues have quickly found themselves in their new tasks and are there to help colleagues
and employees of the AIM with advice and act.

They are looking forward to a good cooperation with the team in Amberg and the employees of the AIM Group.



AIM Group

Certification 2017

We were again thoroughly tested in 2017. 
On 02.08. we had an auditor of the PÜG (testing and monitoring company) on site and 
he has thrown his eye on us. After a long audit day and a lot of rolled folders, we 
have successfully passed the certification this year.
Thanks to all who helped.


AIM Group


We celebrate our season-start on the January 26th 2017 at the Landhotel Neukirchner Hof. It was a particular enjoyment to meet our colleague’s mates the first time respectively see them again.

During the turbulent morning in the office of Amberger Industriemontagen in Amberg the workers get their industrial medicine investigations at the BAD Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH Amberg. In the afternoon they listened to the annual health and safety briefing carried out by the A.U.S. Umweltberatungsgesellschaft Martin Zeiml mbH.

Meanwhile, the ladys got a guided tour through the historic city Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

About half past 5 pm everybody met at „kleiner Saal“ in Landhotel Neukirchner Hof where our director Mr. Maurice Wiesgickl gave a speech. He thanked for the last season and announced a forecast for 2017.

A big „Thank you“ in form of a hamper from Vinothek Schwager and a certificate went to tree of our emplyees who have 10 years of seniority in 2017.

At this point we thank all our workers for the cooperation that has always been very good and the long lasting loyalty. We wish everybody a successful and first of all an accident free 2017-season.


AIM Group


The AIM Group’s entire team is thanking ist customers and colleagues in this way for the trusting cooperation that has always been very good.

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful time, happy holidays and a lot of health, wealth and happines in the New Year.


AIM Group


The AIM Group arrange a day for job candidates.

We would like to invite all candidates who are interessted in working across europe.

Our recruiter Ms. Jacqueline Misch and Ms. Vanessa Reiser will welcome you face-to-face

on the 12th of January 2017 from 09:30 am till 5 pm at Gasthaus Großdeuben, Wiesenstraße 10 in 04564 Böhlen.

They will inform you about the work, payment above the general pay scale, tax free release and many more.

Please bring your application documents with you so we can directly have an intensive job interview and can show you your possibilities in our company.

We are delighted to see you there.


AIM Group


The AIM Group starts a publicity campaign across europe for staff recruitment.

For this we created flyers in the languages polish, hungarian (magyar), slovakian and croatian.

Flyer german

Flyer polish

Flyer hungarian (magyar)

Flyer slovakian

Flyer croatian


AIM Group


In October 2016 AIM Service Italia was charged with a  contract for the provision of Hot-tapping service by SAIPEM, italian Engineering & Construction Company part of ENI Group.

The requested activity consisted in 6 hot tapping, with diameters between 3 and 10 in. and ratings from 150lbs up to 600 lbs.

The service was to be provided on Kitina, ENI oil platform offshore Pointe-Noire, Congo, during revampig works.

Hot-tapping was required to support maintenance activity by allowing the connection of new pipelines to existing ones while these were in flow, so without any interruption of production.

The design and construction of the six new branch connections (fittings) was made ‘in shop’ by AIM Service Italia.

AIM Service Italia also issued all the relevant document for the execution of work (specifications, dedicated procedure, method statement and risk assessment).

At arrival on-site, the team performed final survey to assess feasability accordingly with initial request, finding that no substantial variation were required to perform the activity.

After the installation of the fitting by welding (made by Customer under supervision of AIM Service Italia), hot-tapping operations started.

Due to the particular site of operation and the process, strict safety procedure were established and followed by the team of AIM Service Italia, in order to preserve both the people and the running plant.

The job was carried out successfully, without the loss of any coupon (the part of pipe which is cut) into the line, and it was executed in about 4 days of operation, instead of the 6 days forecasted.


AIM Group


The AIM Group that has its registered office in Amberg and Abacus Resale Bobenheim have concluded a cooperation agreement, which enables both companies to use the respectively other company’s portfolio of offers.

Both companies are orientated to providing services and they have agreed a multi-stage cooperation contract.

This cooperation agreement enables not only AIM but also Abacus Resale to supplement its portfolio of offers with the products and services which each of the two companies offers. Therefore, an added value is offered to the customers of both companies and all of the participants can profit from considerable advantages as a result.

Our objective also continues to be ensuring the loyalty of the customers and supporting them through our variety of offers and the cooperation.



AIM Group

Assignment in Italy

You can find below some impressions of our work in central Italy by cooperating with AIM Italia.


AIM Group

News from Italy

We are glad to shown you a few impressions of the new building container that is made by our partner firm of AIM Italia.

We wish our colleagues continued good success with the new achievement and a swelling order book.


AIM Group

„All roads lead to …. your new career!“

The 4th Jobs & Training trade-fair was held on 21st September 2016 in Nuremberg’s Meistersinger Hall according to this motto. It dealt with everything that concerns the subjects of jobs, training and further training, as well as courses of study.

We were obviously present as an exhibitor there with our ‚Services from one source‘.

All of the visitors had the opportunity of getting to know the AIM Group on our stand and of meeting our Managing Director, Mr. Maurice Wiesgickl and discussing their needs with him. Our Logistics Manager, Mrs. Vanessa Reiser also presented our portfolio of services competently and she made contacts not only with applicants but also with some institutes of professional and vocational education, as well as with further potential customers, in order to strive for potential cooperation in this way.

This event was a promising platform in order to gain qualified personnel, since we are also constantly competing with other firms in order to have well-trained skilled workers.

If you would also like to learn more about the AIM Group or if you are looking for a new professional challenge, then you should simply contact us.


AIM Group

Easter Greetings!


AIM Group

New Year

We look back on the old year
with renewed encouragement.
A new year means new happiness!
The time is always good.

– August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben –


The AIM Group’s entire team wishes all of its customers, colleagues and business partners a blessed New Year in 2016.

We look forward to continuing the good cooperation with you.


AIM Group

Christmas Greetings


AIM Group

A new face in AIM’s team

We are glad to introduce our new Sales Engineer, Mr. Michael Steins to you today. We are pleased that he has been supporting the AIM Group’s team via his home office since September 2015. He lives in Gelsenkirchen and he is establishing and developing our presence in all of the subsidiaries within the area of north-west Germany, or more precisely throughout Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia and as far as Hessen. Mr. Steins has now been working for over 30 years in senior positions not only in the areas of standstill management and industrial maintenance but also with the entire processing industry for the ultimate customers, after qualifying as a chemist and underwent further training to become an industrial craftsman (in the specialized field of chemistry) and completing his course of studies in business administration (VWA). His many years of acquired experience and the motivation for working – especially with people – makes it easy for him to cultivate the existing business relationships, gain the trust of new customers and then commit them to AIM over the long term. He has also made it his aim to lastingly expand the AIM Group’s position in the market in the near future so as to include the fields of industrial services, inspection, overhaul and maintenance in factories. This expansion shall be achieved by means of targetedly developing the new fields of business like renewable energies for example and by handling the whole trades not only through transferring employees. Mr. Steins is looking forward to his new challenge and he is pleased about cooperating with you, our colleagues and the team at head office in Amberg.

Do you have a matter that you would like to discuss with Mr. Steins? Then do not hesitate to speak to him: he is obviously gladly at your service always!

Telephone him via the head office in Amberg: (0) 9621-3085310
Portable phone: 0178-2404046


AIM Group

Evaluating the questionnaire of customers

You have clinched it!

The AIM Group gave its customers the opportunity in September 2015 of assessing our company via the online questionnaire and thereby for them to actively contribute to making the improvements. The support that was given by numerous customers has now enabled us to know not only the areas in which the AIM Group’s strengths lie but also how to make the small changes or fine adjustments. All of the subsidiaries have obviously now made it their task to continually improve their positive skills and performance and to eradicate the slight existing weaknesses as far as possible.

Would you like to know how we improved our operations? Then review the individual results of the evaluation.

We are obviously gladly at your service always at if you should continue to have further requests and suggestions for us.


AIM Group

The AIM Group has a new outfit

We are happy to present you with the AIM Group’s new debut on the internet. You can optimally review our separate companies and our entire range of services on the site’s individual pages. The AIM Group as the parent company forms the umbrella over all of AIM’s other firms at as a result. Navigate via the ‚Companies‘ button and learn about the Aim Group’s individual subsidiaries while doing so. The easily reviewable arrangement of the pages enables you to quickly find the subject that you wish to study. We will always keep you up to date in the ‚News‘ section about the newest events in the AIM Group and its subsidiaries.

Are you looking for a new job? Then visit us at the ‚Careers‘ category of the AIM Group. You will find all of the job offers there from AIM’s individual subsidiaries. You can obviously find these jobs on the individual homepages too, for example directly with AIM’s industrial assemblies at Are you hanging on again for minutes in the queue, waiting until you reach your correct contact on the telephone? Not with us! You can find all of the contacts and the respective field of work at a glance in the ‚Contact‘ area of AIM’s subsidiaries.

Would you like to get to know us? Then convince yourself now and visit us at the following sites: