Range of Services of AIM Power Service GmbH


Pumps are responsible for the smooth operating sequence of processes in production and transport for many industrial plants or energy-generating plants. They are the driving force of every liquid circuit. Pumps can only function fully efficiently if they are well maintained. AIM Power Service GmbH offers to inspect the pumps for every conducted medium. We will take all of the steps that are required for the repair. Experienced fitters undertake the maintenance and repair on the spot. We offer this service solely in the area of transferring employees.

Review of the individual types of pump: 

Recirculating pumps:
Feed water pumps, vertical recirculating pumps, horizontal recirculating pumps, high-pressure pumps, submersible pumps, heating pumps, submersible motorized pumps, etc.

Special-purpose pumps:
Rotary piston pumps, chemical pumps, hydraulic pumps and pneumatic pumps.

  • Assembling and dismantling pumps and aggregates

  • Maintaining and servicing all types of pumps

  • Connecting pipe systems according to various processes, e.g. screwing

  • Repairing and overhauling check valves, sliders, ball valves and safety drain valves

  • Making spare parts and accessories

  • Checking that the plants and systems are leakproff and in working order

Turbines & generators

AIM Power Service GmbH is your partner for giving competent advice and providing efficient solutions. We have the expertise that is required for inspecting the low-pressure turbines, medium-pressure turbines, high-pressure steam turbines and gas-fired turbines that are made by all of the popular manufacturers. We undertake the maintenance, servicing, modernizing and repair. Safety and quality have the highest priority while doing so. We would like to be a fair partner for our customers on the basis of long-term cooperation. We offer the complete package of rapid and sustainable service, ranging from the initial inspection to the final inspection.

Turbo-charged machines
Steam turbines
Industrial turbines
Gas-fired turbines
Ancillary systems like condensers, re-cooling systems, etc.

Alternating-current generators
Direct-current generators
Three-phase generators
High-frequency generators
High-voltage generators, etc.

  • Overhauling and repairing components for gas-fired turbines, burners and pipelines

  • Exchanging the blades on turbines and compressors

  • Quality-assurance for inspections and making inspections

  • Main inspection

  • Servicing of generators


AIM Power Service GmbH works within the framework of your activities in the most diverse branches of industry among other things, as well as with the subject of condensers and compressors. Our specialized employees offer you a complete service for ensuring that your condenser system or compressor system will run as smoothly as possible without malfunctioning. The AIM team’s declared aim is to increase the operational safety, which enables the customer to make significant savings in operating the system or plant. The prerequisites are consistently monitoring the condition of the system’s components and applying the expertise, combined with professional servicing, in order to minimize breakdowns. Our technicians can optionally do the work in the customer’s workshop or in the workshop of AIM Power Service GmbH. AIM’s workshop is ideally equipped for doing the maintenance, repair and test. Our employees are familiar with all of the popular types of condensers and compressors which are used in the various branches of industry. The following equipment is included in them.

  • Piston compressors
  • Worm compressors
  • Peripheral compressors
  • Large compressors
  • Regular checking of mechanics and electrics

  • Checking the spaces in which the equipment is installed, in order to ascertain whether there is optimum ventilation

  • Establishing the energy-efficiency and optimizing the suitable measuring and controlling technology

  • Optimizing the systems


AIM Power Service GmbH offers a complete services for turbines, generators and many more things. It also offers maintenance and repair of gearing: our qualified employees can do this work on various types of gearing:

  • spur gears,
  • planetary gears,
  • mitre gears,
  • worm gears.

The entire range of services can be provided for you not only on your premises but also in AIM Power Service GmbH’s service centre.

  • Assembly and dismantling

  • Checking the installed position

  • Inspecting the correct bearing of the gearing

  • Diagnosing the correct operating temperature